Microgaming: Understanding No Deposit Bonuses Without Risk

If you ever find a microgaming no deposit bonus that has no risks attached, it is important that you claim it as soon as possible. This is because this type of casino bonus is incredibly rare. With the majority of microgaming bonus offers requiring you to make a deposit before you can unlock them, a risk-free no deposit bonus means that you do not have to pay any money to claim, meaning they are 100% free and safe to use.

Although they are rare to find, our reviewer team have scanned the internet from top to bottom to give you a trusted and safe selection of no risk deposit bonuses. All the offers are run by mobile and online casinos that use microgaming software. Depending on the type of online casino you choose, there may even be some that come with no deposit bonus codes.

Types of No Deposit Bonus Offers

Understanding the different types of no deposit bonus offers will help you decide which one is best for you. There are three main routes that you can go down, however, the type on offer will vary depending on the online casino that you use.

  • The first offer is with a bonus code. This means that to claim the bonus, firstly, you will need to copy and paste the bonus code that you have been given into the relevant field provided during your registration process.
  • The second type of offer is via casino support. In some instances, the only way you can receive your free bonus offer is by contacting the casino‚Äôs customer service team. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as through email or live chat. Once you have got in touch, you will need to request your bonus.
  • The third type of offer is automatically. Depending on the microgaming online casino you use, you may receive a deposit bonus automatically, especially if you are a new player. However, if you do not want to receive the bonus, you are able to opt-out.

How to Use a No Deposit Bonus Code

Triggering or claiming your no deposit code is simpler than you might think. Usually, you will have to visit the microgaming-powered online casino that is offering the bonus. Once you are on the page, there are a few simple steps that you need to complete. Once on an online casino website, you will need to click on the button that says either register/sign up/join now or claim now. Once you have done that, you will need to create an account with the casino, which will only require basic information. Also, you will have to download and install microgaming software, which should only take a few minutes.

For signing up to an online casino, you will be given the opportunity to receive a no deposit bonus. In some instances, you will receive the free bonus automatically, however, in other cases, you will need to copy and paste the bonus code into the relevant field. If you are having any difficulty, make sure that you contact the casino customer service team. Once you have completed that step, you should then receive your free bonus offer, which you can access immediately and enjoy on any of your favorite casino games.

Also, bear in mind that there are terms and conditions that apply when using a no deposit bonus, so it is always best to read them before you make your decision.

No Deposit Casino Rules

It is important that you are aware of the rules and regulations regarding no deposit bonus offers. Taking the time to read through the terms and conditions will help you understand how much the bonus is worth, what games you can use it with, as well as the maximum amount of winnings that you can bank.

An example of this would be the $50 no deposit bonus offer that Virtual City Casino provides to all new players. Some of the bonus terms and conditions for this casino require you to sign up for a real cash money account to be able to claim the bonus. Also, any money that you win from your no deposit bonus is subject to extra terms and conditions.

No Deposit Bonus Pitfalls

Whilst having free bonus money is a good thing, there are several pitfalls that come with no deposit bonuses. One of the pitfalls that you will need to understand is that bonus cash and free cash are not the same. If they were, this means that you could cash it in, which you cannot do. You should also be aware that bonus winnings are strictly capped, which means that even if you were to win a fortune because of a no deposit bonus, you will be required to give back any amount that is over the bonus maximum.

You are also unable to play every game that the casino offers using your bonus cash. The bonus offer you use will be limited to a specific amount of games, so you will need to decide which game is right for you. Another pitfall to be aware of is that deposits will unlock your bonus winnings. Even in instances where you have banked the maximum bonus winnings possible, the chances are you will still have to make an initial deposit to be able to unlock the offer and use it for bonus cash.

Free Spins Bonus for Mobile

As mobile casinos are just as popular as their desktop counterparts, microgaming online casinos allow you to use your no deposit bonus codes on your smartphone or tablet, giving you the convenience that you need. If you want to use your mobile to get your no deposit bonus offer, you will need to have a smartphone that can accommodate the service, as well as a fast internet connection such as through 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. One of the main advantages of playing online casino on your mobile is that you can play whilst on the go. Make sure that your smartphone can work with the online casino you choose.

Understanding what no deposit bonus offers can do for you, as well as the pitfalls involved, will help you be more aware of how to use them in your gaming.